More than any of his advertising or internet ‘writings’, Ben Kay’s novel, Instinct, is where the real danger lies.

Masquerading as fiction, as we all know, it is in fact, fact.

The facility of MEROS, Major Webster, even Laura Trent are of course 100% real, and the events Kay describes are well documented in -CENSORED-.

What we are keen to discover is how Kay came about this information. As far as we are aware, he is an indolent weirdo whose tastes are questionable and whose intellect is disturbingly poor.

Is this really a person who is able accurately to document aspects of military research, genetics and warfare that have remained closely guarded secrets for over a decade?

Could someone with Kay’s slow wits and dismal powers of deduction really convey such information in a compelling page-turner?

And why has he decided to make his ownership of this information so public? It would appear either to be the behaviour of a genius or a borderline retard (we’d put next year’s N. Korea torture budget on it being the latter).
Perhaps it would help to examine certain parts of the book to see exactly where the problems lie:

Right from the start, Instinct brings to light incidents which have been strictly classified by the Pentagon’s Department of covert operations. So how did Kay know about the wasp assault on the X-14 Cell of Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna, the death of Abdullah Faraj Juwei or, most intriguingly, the cell’s love of Kraft Mac and Cheese?

And what of the genetics? Chapter 34 gives us the following passage from a book that was destroyed in a -CENSORED-:

Laura found that Heath had experimented with many different levels of Pet-1, and suspected that its complete removal may have left the wasps in their current state.

We ask again, how the hell can Kay know this stuff?

The real mystery is the progression in the second half of the novel. The situation there is known by no more than four people currently living, and three of them have been involved in the writing of this report (the fourth is currently in -CENSORED- having his -CENSORED- -CENSORED- -CENSORED-.

Did Garrett really carry a weapon adapted from an Israeli Tavor 21-C?

How much did Captain Fox know about his -CENSORED- payload?

Did Jacobs once tell Tobias Paine to ‘go fuck himself’? (We have no reason to suspect not.)
We would recommend further surveillance of Kay pending extended analysis of the book and its impact on release. However, as a topline assessment at this point in time, we believe that he is a shifty -CENSORED- who could benefit from a long stint in -CENSORED-, where we could attach -CENSORED- to his -CENSORED- and -CENSORED- -CENSORED- -CENSORED- -CENSORED- -CENSORED- -CENSORED- twice.



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